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Computer Basics

If you’re new to computers or just want to update your skills, you’ve come to the right place.


This course will help you understand how computers work and how to use them. We’ll talk about how to set up a computer, the difference between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use. We’ll also explore operating systems, applications, the cloud, and a whole lot more.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction
About this course 00:15:00
Learn what's covered in this free course.
What is a computer? 00:15:00
Learn what a computer is and how it functions.
Module 2: Hardware Basics
Basic Parts of a Computer 00:15:00
Learn the basic parts of a computer, including the monitor, computer case, and keyboard.
Buttons and Ports on a Computer 00:15:00
Learn the various ports and buttons on a computer.
Inside a computer 00:15:00
Learn what's inside a computer.
Laptop Computers 00:15:00
Learn more about laptop computers and how they differ from traditional desktop computers.
Mobile Devices 00:15:00
Learn how mobile devices work.
Module 3: Software Basics
Understanding Operating Systems 00:15:00
Get a better understanding of operating systems and how they function.
Understanding Applications 00:15:00
Better understand applications and how they work.
Module 4: Using a Computer
Setting Up a Computer 00:15:00
Learn know how to set up a computer.
Getting Started with Your First Computer 00:15:00
Get started with your first computer.
Getting to Know the OS 00:15:00
Get to know your computer's operating system.
Module 5: Using the Internet
Connecting to the Internet 00:15:00
Learn how to get online and start using the Internet.
Getting Started with the Internet 00:15:00
Learn how to get started with and navigate the Internet.
Understanding the Cloud 00:15:00
Gain a greater understanding of the cloud and how it works.
Module 6: Safety and Maintenance
Keeping Your Computer Clean 00:15:00
Use these tips to keep your computer clean.
Protecting Your Computer print 00:15:00
Employ these strategies to keep your computer well protected from threats.
Final Quiz for Computer Basics 00:20:00

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