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Testimonial 6

Ogala Amina Maneti is a graduate of Public Administration. She started taking courses on iLearnHubs some months back, and 2 months later, she is still enthusiastically taking more free courses. Courses completed by Amina include Customer Care and Human Resources (HR). She likes the fact that courses on iLearnHubs are self-paced, and there is no time limit on when you need to complete the course by. She feels iLearnHubs has built up her confidence and that it has given her the strength to apply for many types of jobs as her study on iLearn has diversified her CV in terms of educational attainment. The beauty, she says of iLearn, is that you need only an O-Level education to study with iLearnHubs – and you can repeat your assessment until you reach the standard to pass. Amina is proud of her learning achievements and delightfully displays the Certificates she has earned over her years of free study with iLearnHubs. She is a very proud iLearnHubs graduate!

Ogala Amina Maneti HR Manager

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